I am a singer songwriter from south wales performing my own original work predominantly at festivals and events. I have recorded one album ‘Standing In The Light’ in 2014 and am in the process of recording my next album ‘Fireflies’ this winter. My music has been described as ethereal and dreamy with inspired lyrics that enchant and entice the imagination. Songs about the land, folklore, magic, myths and legends which merge the ancient with the contemporary.

I work across disciplines in music, performance and visual art and work in several creative capacities as a performer and voice leader and as a community arts tutor. I offer voice centred workshops and ceremonies and Iam an author of mind, body, spirit literature (under my pen name Elana Muriels). At the heart of everything I do the onus is always upon well being and personal development through creative expression.  I am available for bookings as a performer and also for music or art related work bookings as a facilitator and creative arts practitioner.

As an artist I am interested in the expression and interpretation of music through art and in blurring the lines between performance, theatre, music and art. Within my own practice I increasingly find that my visual art includes music through expression, lyrics and notation and that my music is often inspired by visual works of art.

​I hope to bring some of the magic I’ve felt at festivals, in fields and beside the campfires with me into live venues as a performer and to the people who I meet on the way. I often feel as though the song has written me rather than the other way around. I hope the journey will continue taking me to some amazing places.

I released my first album ‘Standing In The Light’ in 2014. Please contact me if you would like a copy or search for it on Ebay. I am starting to record my new album this winter.